Honeybees at work

Raising honey bees: A simple guide

Raising honey bees goes beyond rearing with harvesting honey in view. Perhaps several people showed interest in raising bees because of their golden sweetness. As time goes by, the notion changes, and many start to raise bees more out of appreciation than for the honey. Raising honey bees for beginners may seem difficult. Well, maybe at the start, it may be due to the equipment that needs to be purchased. Also, getting the honeybees, setting up the hives, learning how to position the hives, and the procedures for checking up on the beehives are all somewhat tedious at first. However, after the preparation processes, it all gets easy subsequently.

Items needed to raise honeybees

Choose a location

Raising honey bees requires getting a suitable location that will favor them. First, the location should have access to direct sunlight. Meanwhile, the bees should not be under the scorching heat of the sun. And that brings us to the next thing; there must be a shade, or a tree giving shade at the location. The location must also have a water source for the use of the honeybees. Lastly, the location should have a windbreak design such that strong wind would not blow rain into the hive or make it so chilly that the heat within the hive reduces.


After getting the ideal location, beehives are the next items needed to raise bees. Decide on the type of hive you would prefer; the horizontal or vertical type. After choosing the beehive, go ahead to install it. Remember that whatever type of hive you choose, there should be a stand that elevates it such that moisture won't sip in and disturb the bees. Also, the beehives should remain far away from a noisy place.

Bees and feeding program

The next thing is to purchase honeybees. After setting them in the beehive, the bee colony will need to feed. While having flowers around is beneficial, using sugar syrup or granulated sugar dissolved in water is also a significant way to feed honey bees. The bees will drink this mixture from the feeders. Usually, in raising honey bees, water and sugar are only necessary to assist young colonies. In a few weeks, the honeybee will be able to get their food from flowers directly.


A typical honeybee
As you start to raise honey bees, know the role of each bee in the colony. Know the role of the:
  • Worker bees
  • Drone bees
  • The Queen bee
  • By getting familiar with their roles, raising a queen bee will be easy. You'll know the place of the Queen, the importance of always having her in the hive, and how to spot her easily.
The above now brings us to check up on the bees. At first, after installing the bees, you may check up on them once every six to seven days, and this may change later. You check if:
  • The hive is clean (free of bee poop)
  • If the Queen is still healthy
  • Check the healthiness of other bees

The take away

Raising honey bees for beginners may seem daunting. Still, after getting through the initial stages of installing the beehives, the rest becomes easy. Then raising bees will start to become fun as you also wait to harvest your first honey.

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