Beekeepers in a complete beekeeping suit

Beekeeping suit and accessories: importance and maintenance

The importance of a beekeeping suit cannot be underestimated. It's a protective gear that protects a beekeeper from stings. A beekeeping suit has many parts. All of these parts work together to ensure a beekeeper is not exposed.

Importance of a beekeeping suit

When running a bee farm, protective beekeeping clothing is necessary to avoid bee stings. Bee stings can be painful, and for people with a bee allergy, it can be life-threatening. And in some rear situations, when a swarm of bees attacks, the numerous stings can be deadly. Despite the number of years of running a bee farm, the bees will not hold back from stinging from their owner. So, endeavor to purchase these beekeeping accessories examined below:

Beekeeping jacket

A beekeeping jacket or beekeeping clothing is made of polycotton material in some cases. Sometimes, it's a thick cotton material. The cotton types are strong enough to prevent a bee sting from penetrating and a good option during summer. The nylon types have slippery surfaces that make it difficult for bees to perch, talkless of stinging.

Beekeeping hat

A beekeeping hat protects the head area. It's usually the same material as the jacket. Aside from protecting the head from bee stings, it serves as a hold to attach a beekeeping veil. The hat also protects the head from sunlight or gentle drizzle of rain while at work tending to the bees.

Beekeeping veil

Beekeeping veil protects the face while allowing vision. It's like sitting in a car and looking through the windscreen. Most covers are attached to the hat. They usually have 360 views with ample space for you to turn your head. The material of the veil is generally transparent thick nylon.

Beekeeping gloves

Another part of the beekeeping outfit is the glove. The glove covers the hand to prevent bee sting. Please don't feel intimidated by some professionals who claim to use their bare hands when tending to bees. There are no magical ways to let a bee know you are the owner and their beloved keeper. So, to avoid bee stings, which are quite painful, always wear gloves that are thick.

Beekeeping suit maintenance

Beekeeping suit should be well maintained for long-term use. All parts of the suit should be washed regularly and dried. Washing is essential to ensure that no bee secretions stay on it, and then invites them to perch on you when you attend to the beehive. Washing removes the inviting smell. Also, do not just drop your suit anywhere to avoid damages. A hole in a suit could be dangerous.

The take away

From beekeeping hat and veil to every other part of a beekeeping outfit, all are imperative for safety. Do well to purchase and maintain your beekeeping suit.

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