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Beekeeping equipment and supplies: A beekeeper's must-have tools

After deciding to venture into beekeeping, many beginners ask: what beekeeping equipment do I need to be successful? To be a successful beekeeper, there are essential tools to purchase to get the ball rolling and gradually rear your bees. The equipment to be examined will contain things needed to keep bees and also the protective gear to keep you safe as a beekeeper. The beekeeping equipment is as follows:

Beehive and Frames

After getting a bee farm or perhaps you have gotten a permit to use your backyard, beehive should be the next on your to-do list. The beehive is where your honeybees will live. Frames are usually in the form of a rectangle. The frames stay inside the hive such that the honeybees can manufacture honey on it. They will build honeycombs on it.
Frames with honeycomb

Purchase a Smoker

A smoker
A smoker is essential and a must-have. As a beekeeper, a smoker helps to control the movement of the bees. When you puff smoke repeatedly, the honeybees will stay away from the area, and you can get to work in such places. If you want the bees to get away from you, puff the smoke to chase them. When beekeepers get stung by a bee, the smoker helps to keep another one from stinging.

Buy a queen catcher

The next beekeeping tool to get is a queen catcher. As you rear your swarm of honeybees, there are times when you need to keep the Queen separate. At such times, use the Queen catcher to get the job done.

Protective suit

A protective suit for beekeepers
A protective suit commonly called the bee suit is yet another essential beekeeping kit. The suit protects a beekeeper from bee stings. When purchasing a protective suit, endeavor to get one that allows adequate ventilation. A well-ventilated suit wouldn't make a beekeeper sweat profusely; it's comfortable and breathable.

Get a glove and Shoe

A glove for beekeepers
Gloves are crucial beekeeping gear. Maybe as times go on, and you become a professional, the idea of putting your hands in a beehive wouldn't be scary. However, gloves are needed to prevent being badly stung by bees to be on the safe side. Also, purchase a strong shoe that will properly cover your legs up to the ankle or beyond.

A feeder and sugar

Beekeeping supplies like sugar and water are needed when the blooming season is over. Regardless of the absence of flowers, honeybees still need to feed. So, get sugar or sugar syrup and mix it with water to feed your bees. A feeder can be placed in the hive. It will be filled with the sugar mixture for the bees to feed on.

A queen marker

By now, you know how important a Queen is to your hive. You definitely don't want to lose your queen. When getting beekeeping tools, the queen marker is such an essential tool that helps to identify the Queen. So, when she's missing, it will be easy to detect her absence.

The take away

All these beekeeping tools are necessary to make a success of beekeeping. Remember that all considered are must-have tools and gears. So, as you plan to start your bee farm, take note of the tools needed to keep and feed the bees. Additionally, the kits to keep you safe are equally important.

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